Vile destructive piece of hacker shit is at it again

Yanking my screen (cursor) up and down, putting different tabs on my screen. Adding a hiccup to a video, which he has done before. Just being a general disruptive attention-seeking pain in the behind.

As of sort of 4, 5 pm. (Though I think he was also pulling shit this morning; was barely able to access the internet for a while and light bulbs keep popping all over the place. Four in three days!)

Can he please please please finally drop dead now? So that I finally finally finally get to LIVE again?

I so badly want this sadistic, controlling monster out of my life.

(Don’t) (because talking about it in public just eggs the bastard on, Ange) (yes, true, but sadly, I am also stuck in Portsmouth and I have to vent somewhere)

The stupid, sadistic psychopathic tormentor.

(This evening, I think he is trying to make sure that locals won’t see the video that I made today; they mostly seem to stop by on Friday evenings. Took over 2 hours to compile it and is taking over 1 hour to upload it. There is also interference in it, so he probably had hoped that I would try to fix that first. I could have already uploaded it, true. Was contemplating if I should fix the flaws, indeed. Anyway, here is the link:

I wish I knew who this vile piece of shit is. I WOULD kill him. Stop him from victimizing others after me. Goddammit. What a stupid manipulative controlling destructive sadist.

I don’t understand why NOBODY here locally answers e-mails and letters these days except Stephen Morgan’s office, while I am not even e-mailing them, but just copying them in. They usually just write bland nonsense so I am not very interested in their response.

See below. I do not need anyone to help me remain trapped for even longer. In 2019, instead of listening to me, Vernon-Jackson effectively helped keep me trapped. It’s just hard to fathom that something like this – sadistic stalking – can go on for sooooo loooong, agreed. It is not something that someone with a healthy well-balanced mind would do to another, fairly random human being; that’s why it is so hard to accept, as a reality. However, it is WRONG to blame that on the victims.

Dear office staff,

Thanks. I WILL become homeless on Tuesday. The relevant paperwork is on my desk. It will take place on Tuesday at 11:30 am. Homelessness, or suicide, is the only way that I can escape from my abuse situation, which has been going on for NEARLY FIFTEEN YEARS.

Now read that again. Nearly fifteen years I’ve been trapped in a bizarre sadistic abuse situation. Why was this permitted to continue as long as it did?

What I would have needed is for police to have taken me seriously when I was still living in lovely Southsea and loving it there, going for my runs on the Common almost every day. If they had, instead of what they did instead (which was the kind of thing that we here a lot about these days), they might have caught whoever was picking my locks at the time – unbeknownst to me – and targeting me in other ways. Then I would probably be happily living there now and supporting myself, living my life, the way I have been allowed to live it in the various other places I have been a resident in.

What I needed was for my landlord, for the police and for the local Lib Dems to have taken me seriously when the abuse continued and gradually got worse and worse and worse at my present address. You cannot function in any kind of professional capacity if your locks are constantly getting picked; I’ve only just discovered some nonsense done by the lock-picker again. You cannot function in any kind of professional capacity if you’re being hacked to death in many ways.

The phenomenon is known as sadistic stalking, also called resentful stalking. My case shared similarities with the stalking of Tracey Morgan as I discovered fairly recently although mine is much more technology-focused and contained a lot more horrific community abuse. Abuse and violence are glorified in Portsmouth. Victims are ridiculed and dismissed as feeble-minded. That needs to change.

My landlord has tried to evict me several times; usually, there was an error in the documentation that made it possible to get the court case dismissed. What I accomplished through that, however, is simply that my abuse and powerlessness continued.

It is actually the case that my landlord – who did not inform me when he changed his bank account and did not inform me when his offices moved to a new address, which has no doorbell and no letterbox – should have worked with me to resolve this situation. The Care Act 2014 places such a duty on him. I called him for example in 2016 and we made an appointment to address the situation here. This was right after people on the ground floor had been targeted as well; this coincided with lock-picking of my flat. He never showed up.

This sort of thing is normal here, in this country with this crazy level of inequality and this even crazier, utterly bonkers class system.

It’s utterly ridiculous that it was possible that I was trapped in my flat, often without food and often without electricity, for so long, that everyone considered that perfectly normal and that it even caused some people to start yelling abuse at me.

What I desperately need is to get out of Portsmouth, in a way, as Steve Pitt already indicated in May 2011, so that whoever is messing with me cannot find me. I want my life back!

In 2019, Vernon-Jackson paid my landlord a lot of money (around Β£7500). HALF of that would have enabled me to escape. Instead I remained trapped. What I would like to have is a van in which I can live and move around, stay under the radar. (A complication is that you guys drive on the other side of the road. I’m from Amsterdam and I’d likely have to make my way back to the continent at some point because it would be harder to find me again over there.)

Yes, I have been to the police many times. They can’t even afford to care; they only take action if someone gets killed or gets seriously injured (or if they are worried about a PR disaster). Going to the police really aggravated my situation.

I’ve recently written two booklets, one for people in my situation and one for people who want to avoid my kind of situation:

(I haven’t been able to do any marketing for them because my hacker(s) didn’t like it that I wrote these booklets.)

I’ve found that stalking can be the result of prolonged profound otherization, for example of people with Asperger’s, but when it goes on as long as it did in my case, this is often a consequence of the otherization of victims.

Anyway, I want my life back. I want to be allowed again to decide who for example provides my electricity instead of a stalker/hacker and I want to be allowed to support myself again.

I likely have more housing law expertise than you, yes.



On Fri, Apr 14, 2023 at 10:40β€―AM Stephen Morgan MP <> wrote:

Dear Angelina,

Thank you for your reply.

We are very sorry to hear you believe you may become homeless.

Although housing allocations and decisions is not within the remit of an MP, if there are any actions Stephen can take in his role as MP to prevent this, please do let us know.

Kind regards,

Office of Stephen Morgan MP
Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South | Shadow Minister for Schools @StephenMorganMP

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