I just discovered that the link named “Amazon UK” in the header of my YouTube channel had been changed into “angelinasouren@gmail.com”.

I’ve received a message from “Lisa Woods” in New Zealand; I get a lot of e-mails from New Zealand – south of where I am – when my landlord and sometimes the city council is indicating actions against me OR when my hacker makes it look like that or tries to suggest that.

The hacker(s) appears to catch my e-mails and sometimes releases them in bunches; I sometimes receive e-mails that are many years old, just like I’ve also sometimes received local postal mail that was nearly a year old and just like Royal Mail once handed me a package of wet and muddy letters from a period of about 6 months.

“Scotland” and “Canada” are sometimes used to refer to someone located north of me.

Oh. My post categories have disappeared… as an option for this post, that is. (17:11: They popped up again later in the day.)

My stalker(s) is after acceptance of who he is/they are. So he may want this to go in the category “Human rights – diversity – neurodiversity – equality – inclusivity – discrimination – otherisation – speciesism – planet – consumerism – bioethics sensu lato” or maybe he feels that all my posts fit.

He’s gone on about “zero discrimination day” in the past, would pop a certain graphic onto my screen. Is in my computer right now, possibly, or at least on the line, apparently; my typing was suddenly delayed, which usually means that he is between me and the internet so that he can even change things that I type or remove them.

He’s often also highly manipulative.

08:21: On my screen, it says that 10 people have watched this video. Is it actually online, though? Probably, but I can’t be sure.

14:26: have seen this twice now

I’ve been the target of sadistic stalking – aka resentful stalking – for nearly fifteen years. In this video, I give you examples of things that have been done in my home when I was out.

He also does things like go through my cupboards and sit at my desk, go through my drawers. He takes things that he likes, such as nifty little tools. I’d had one of those for decades, one that means that you can do a lot without needing several much bigger tools.

The stalking has resulted in many periods of extreme deprivation, leading to among other things tendon vulnerability. In 2010, my weight briefly dropped below 50 kilograms. I am 5 foot 7 or 1.69m.

The police know about most much of this; I’ve also carried out a risk analysis and handed it to them. The police cannot afford to investigate until after a human has been killed or seriously injured (or if they become concerned about the possibility of a PR disaster).

Stalking and harassment need to be dealt with very differently and should not be handled by the police, for starters, because the police lack the required expertise. The latter makes such investigations too expensive for them. I’ve asked the police forces (FOI request) how much they spend on investigating stalking and harassment, to see if freeing up that budget could fund a separate organization, but they don’t even have data on that.

Yes, I’ve added, changed and upgraded locks. Local locksmiths who I consulted were no help at all. It certainly doesn’t help either that I am based in a really vile, extremely insular place on a small island off the coast of England. I’m from Amsterdam, so I am a migrant.

I’ve been self-employed since 1997.

This stuff has made me really wary of humans and often fearful, but also angry and louder, the latter not the American way (enthusiastic and confident), but the English way (telling people off when they hassle you).

Anyone who still believes that women should see it as something romantic and flattering if they become stalked or that stalking is the figment of the imagination of feeble-minded women with an anxiety problem should seek the services of a good shrink.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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