“Obsessed and fixated stalkers hide behind mask of anonymity”

YES! That is something most people still do not get, even many stalking victim advocates.

Police officers are so clueless. This article mentions the lock-downs. During the first lock-down, my hacker pushed me out of my flat one evening and while I was walking along Commercial Road, I saw a man hovering which caught my attention. He veered toward me but something made me not interesting enough for him and a little later, he latched onto another woman. I decided to follow him.

At Portsmouth & Southsea train station, he crossed the road and I thought that that would be the end of the story, but he only did it because there were police officers standing around at the station, laughing.

He crossed the road again a little later. I looked for quite a while after that but once they were around the corner, I could not see him any longer and I couldn’t spot the woman either. This worried me. I looked into a few shops there, but no.

At no point did I bother approaching the cops. They’re way too…


They’d have laughed at me and shooed me away.

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