Interesting developments

I have detected a second slightly autistic person in my environment!

There have occasionally been puzzling questions, comments, actions and jumps to conclusions as well as a definite rigidity.

The person in question had actually indicated something along those lines, two years ago or so, as a remark from his ex. I didn’t think that it was accurate.

However, I recently started seeing similarities with the autistic friend who I have known for decades. (Since 1982.)

Now everything is clicking into place.

Appearing to be very even-tempered, emotional overwhelm usually remains hidden but gets expressed as baffling actions and changes in decisions that can even cause quite a problems for others.

The rigid attachment to some ideas can come across as forgetfulness, but that is not what it is in this case.

I am seeing too literal interpretations and the lack of perception of there being a judgement attached to some words, missing the emotional context of some expressions, and not always realizing when a remark is intended as a joke.

It really helps to recognize and understand this and then to be able to take it into account.

I actually remember the first time I spoke to this person… because his response was strange. I didn’t know what to make of it.

It’s all making me smile now.

Live and learn.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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