Where can you charge your phone in the Netherlands?

Nowhere! I’m so used to going to Starbucks, notably, while traveling, or Costa Coffee.

I have not found a single Starbucks yet in the Netherlands where I can charge a phone.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Been looking for options all over.

Schiphol Airport has removed almost all sockets, likely because of the hacking risk they can present. I mentioned that a few weeks ago.

There are supposed to be business desks at Schiphol where you can charge laptops etc but the one location that I was able to find is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and the other airport business desk locations are not recognized when I search for them in the Schiphol airport app.

Dutch public libraries don’t offer charging options either, so I understand.

Some of the trains do.

Portsmouth, by contrast, has charging stations on the sidewalks. I think they’re by BT (British Telecom).

And duct tape aka duck tape? I suppose DIY stores have it? They are usually at remote locations. Supermarkets? Nope.

And I miss Argos! (The Dutch version of Argos – Kijkshop – failed after needing to file for bankruptcy twice. Bad management was to blame in my view, if I compare it against Argos. Argos, however, has been struggling to, I seem to remember having read fairly recently.)

I guess Dutch folks buy almost everything online these days? From bol.com?

Can’t find any phone shops either.

But guess what… I did drive past a Buffet Crampon shop yesterday… Always handy.

Yes, I am missing the many conveniences of England. Who’d have thought! πŸ€”

(Mommee! Help!) πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚

Ironic, isn’t it…

(no)(because the story is much more complicated than I could ever explain in a mere few words) (I was quite literally being suffocated to death in Portsmouth. I had to get out, even if that had to be at a high price.

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