Portsmouth-based wacko real estate developer Grant Murphy, wtf is this???

I just spotted this – see the screenshot below – in one of my inboxes.

For the record: I didn’t send any such e-mail. I’m not even in the country and I will likely never set foot again in England.

I was sadistically pestered by Grant Murphy’s office for a week in April too. (It may have run into May because I had long left.)

I left utterly vile, vicious and sadistic Portsmouth behind me. That horrible nightmarish cesspit in outer space is no longer part of my life, period.

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About hacking, for the record:

Unless you have a live video feed so that you can see what someone is doing in your equipment in real time, you cannot be sure of who it is who’s in your equipment. There is also always the possibility that someone else has HIRED hackers to hack into your equipment. That could for example be the case if you are dealing with someone who has an antisocial personality disorder.

Also, my HDD is NOT the problem, no. (I should have mentioned that before.)

Things have been pretty quiet and normal since about 2 pm yesterday.

Zero response

etc etc etc.

I’ve been desperately wanting my life back for so long. I’m not perfect and I am not male, but I deserve to get to live MY LIFE again, like I used to.

There were many more others I could have e-mailed, but then the mail would have been flagged as spam. There are also many others who I can no longer e-mail because quite a few women in science who I used to know passed away in their 50s.

I can’t just roll over and quietly crawl into a corner like I am “supposed” to do, dammit.

I’ve previously contacted my embassy (secretly and anonymously, from a computer at Advice Portsmouth before they got hacked in 2016, but all that embassy and consulate staff can do is potentially visit you in prison if you end up in prison; it’s not the same as when you are stranded somewhere as a tourist) as well as the United Nations (from my office computer, which just got me postal junk mail asking for donations). I had wanted to know if there was some way that I could get refugee status in my home country if I fled from Portsmouth.

8:59: What does this tell you?

Remember that I also have a hacked phone that is telling me that my NatWest banking app will stop working within 6, sorry now 5, days and a printer that is suddenly missing its drivers. All at the same time.

This is the kind of nonsense I’ve been dealing with ever since I moved into my current flat, but hey, “I am just an old cow who can’t handle technology”. May I remind you that my webpage about the bit of IT background I have disappeared from this site, too, all by itself?

9:12: the screens have gone back to normal again

I’d switched on the computer at around 8:30. I’d overslept, yes. Deserves the death penalty, I know, Portsmouth.

09:30: NatWest banking app issue resolved. (Meanwhile, made 11 bucks trading, too; am slowly making my way back toward overcoming the experience I had last year, the losses caused by the stupid “football matches” hackers last year, the idiots that left me a message about their experience with betting on football matches, yes, just in case I was not quite sure what exactly was going on. The fact that I had warned them that I was going to put in losing trades and let them run if they didn’t stop fucking with me and then went ahead and did it, didn’t entirely stop them from fucking with me but it did help A LOT. They or he had made the fatal mistake of getting me into the position in which I literally had nothing left to lose, after they had literally taken everything from me that I had achieved or that had mattered to me. I started trading because I wanted to get out of Portsmouth asap – escape! get my life back! – and because I can no longer travel when it’s too cold.)

09:48: now tackling the printer driver issues again. I thought nothing useful had downloaded other than perhaps a tar ball archive, which I just found in my downloads, but which previous versions of the operating system and I never managed to handle, but my current version does seem to know how to deal with it.

10:00: Let’s see if that did the trick…

10:01: yes

But nobody in Portsmouth is fucking with me, right? People in Portsmouth are all sweet little angels who knit and tend to their gardens all day, and do little else but smile oh so sweetly, except when they don’t and give you the full blast of their blind hatred.