Zero response

etc etc etc.

I’ve been desperately wanting my life back for so long. I’m not perfect and I am not male, but I deserve to get to live MY LIFE again, like I used to.

There were many more others I could have e-mailed, but then the mail would have been flagged as spam. There are also many others who I can no longer e-mail because quite a few women in science who I used to know passed away in their 50s.

I can’t just roll over and quietly crawl into a corner like I am “supposed” to do, dammit.

I’ve previously contacted my embassy (secretly and anonymously, from a computer at Advice Portsmouth before they got hacked in 2016, but all that embassy and consulate staff can do is potentially visit you in prison if you end up in prison; it’s not the same as when you are stranded somewhere as a tourist) as well as the United Nations (from my office computer, which just got me postal junk mail asking for donations). I had wanted to know if there was some way that I could get refugee status in my home country if I fled from Portsmouth.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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