Update on the HMRC saga

So I contacted HMRC a while ago. Last week. I spoke with Julie, EMC5403. She had no explanation for why there had been bogus contact details for me in their systems but she did have an explanation for why my VAT repayment went wrong (and that was what I had expected, not strange).

She had to talk with one of the techs, but told me that they’d put the payment into the system that day. She also asked me whether I would accept calls from them showing up as unlisted number. No idea why she asked that or why HMRC thought it would need to call me.

I just logged in. Everything still looks the same. Same apparent errors. The payment has not been received yet but she did say that she didn’t know how long it would take and it has not been that long yet since the phone call. Had to wait 30 days before I could even call them.

This time, I have NOT gotten the odd message from HMRC (yet) that my new business bank account supposedly does not accept direct debits. (It does.)

This is starting to feel like what happened for six months at the end of 2019 and start of 2020, however, when incoming client payments kept disappearing and I was then taunted with it, or rather, with the effects of it. Work for a new client disappeared too, back then, and some other odd things happened in connection with that. Time will tell if I am dealing once again with the results o the same dumb baby-ish hacker mind’s actions.

(Why does my typing here so often show up on my screen with a – sometimes crazy – delay these days? Hmm.)

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