I called HMRC again

I have my doubts as to whether I was really talking with someone at HMRC. Because once again, stuff didn’t add up. Time will tell whether this was HMRC I spoke with or not.

The person – Natasha – said that payment went out yesterday and should be with me today, tomorrow or Friday. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. What she was saying didn’t add up. It was just someone jerking me around, and doing so with a (likely) Scottish accent.

Yes, sadistic stalking is the absolute pits. Much much worse than being raped. Because sadistic stalking never stops. And it’s so vicious.

The way other people have been and are being fooled about me, and still are being told lies about me, the way they all fall for the lies, all buy the shit, that too I’ve found rather shocking. Are most people that dense?

I’m going to kill whoever this is. No choice. Going to prison would be a small price to pay for my freedom and for any future victims’ freedom. Prison can’t possibly be worse than what I’ve already been through. I have absolutely nothing left to lose and my freedom, my life, to gain.


I walk away from my computer and the fucking dipshit has scrolled to the bottom of this page again to point out this:


I cannot accept any liability for the results of actions taken by you or anyone else on the basis of anything included on or linked to from this website or any of my books. Thanks for keeping this in mind.

(He’s done that before. He also appears to be trying to stop me from sharing my tips – for free – on how to protect yourself against monsters like him if, like me, you are self-employed. But his life is over. His terror reign is over. Not just for me. For everyone else too. He is never again going to be able to do the same thing to someone else that he did to me. That’s a promise, dipshit. Your evil doings will never again get the chance to harm others. Your terror reign is over, dude. For good. No more stupid threats from you. No more sadism. Your terror reign is over. )

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