How adversity can turn your life around

Mathematics student Ginger Egberts is 26 when she’s just delivered her daughter, through a C-section. Her 2-year-old son is staying with her parents. Ten days after his sister’s arrival, he manages to pull a mug of hot soup off the kitchen counter and ends up with 11% burns on arms and chest.

Two years later, she finishes her Master’s, creates a LinkedIn profile and sees a PhD spot (which is properly paid full-time employment in the Netherlands) concerning the development of a mathematical model for the prediction of the healing of burns, leading to a decision-making tool for medical professionals. She applies and gets hired.

That was four years ago and she’s just wrapped up her PhD thesis. For her research, she’s cooperated with the surgeon who operates on her son.

She’s now put in a grant proposal to develop an app.

You can read the full story in the Dutch Financial Times:

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