IT trouble, big time

Two, no, three phones that stopped going online and next, two SIM cards, one of which Dutch, that asked for PUK codes but that were working again a few days later.

That was recently. Over the holidays.

That, apparently, was punishment for my web page about things that were done to me in Portsmouth because I always get punished for when I talk about things being done to me in Portsmouth and because when I went to the public library to use the computers there, someone kept opening that page on the computer that I was on. It wasn’t me who was accessing that page at the time.

I found mysterious rubbish files on one or two of the phones. Have had mysterious rubbish files, before, on my computer’s fixed HDD, the older one. Of naked women’s thighs. I figured they were mine, made with my own phone, and I just deleted the lot. They were filling up deeply hidden directories so fast that my operating system no longer had enough space to run.

I currently have loads of rubbish files filling up at least one of my phones again.

Plus, I not only got a message that my 80 GB data have almost run out, which is pretty NUTS (though I may have a potential explanation for it that would also be a bit nuts; ok let’s assume that), my HDD has been buzzing like crazy and keeps buzzing like crazy, too, and my internet connection keeps breaking up. (I tether. Have to.)

I can’t get fixed broadband here (because just like in Southsea, it appears that my address has disappeared off some of the official address records database, or whatever).

I don’t want broadband via wifi, for obvious reasons.

I can’t report any of this anywhere. There IS no agency where you can report hacking that isn’t done to steal money from you but to pester you and to sometimes cost you money, sometimes even relatively large sums, but not to steal money from you (as far as I can tell).

Even if hacking is done to steal money from you, all you can do is report it on a national website, for the statistics.

(And there’s a lot of weird shit going on in the flat under me, but hey, this is Portsmouth, so it’s likely not related, even though for example hacking activity has come from that flat before.)

There is nowhere I can report this.

But I can talk about it here. That’s all.

Oh, and the lock-picking explains a lot of this too. I can’t take a van load of stuff with me every time I leave the flat, just to keep my stuff safe. Even a police officer has in the past spontaneously volunteered that shortly after I first discovered that my locks were getting picked, let alone that I discovered a few months ago that this had been going on for many more years than I initially was aware of.

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