Stalking: Watch this…

Just listening to this initially made me very nervous (because I too want my life back, though my story is very different).

I am so pleased that her friends and family were there for her when she got out of the relationship.

There is so so much that I recognize, the not knowing what to do, the contradictions in one’s own behavior and attitude, and particularly also the identity crisis, because your entire life has basically revolved around this for sooooo long and you no longer know what it is like to be able to live without constantly having to brace yourself… You need to go through a healing process and that can only begin after the stalking stops. After a rape, the healing process can begin immediately. Not with stalking. Unless the person dies, indeed, you never know when it’s really over.

Most police officers have NO IDEA what being stalked does to a person. No fucking idea.

You will have to watch this on YouTube. The two creators of this podcast (which has a video version on YouTube) are very strict about a lot of stuff. I am sure that’s because they learned a lot of things the hard way.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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