6:35 am: The Nonsense is Gearing Up Again

Following morning at 7:00: Still no reply, but there is a “last chance” email and a “final hours” email and one about the relocation of horses in a nearby county (which I deleted). Last evening, there still was an email from the mayor of London (about Ramadan) and one from Futurism.

What happened with yesterday’s online meeting has happened several times before. There was for example a meeting in the UK that got postponed, about policing and the prevention of violence in communities, organised by a consultancy firm. I noticed that a webpage about it contained different date information when I looked at it on different equipment that I had just bought (not locally and out of sight of island locals) and was using at a Starbucks. Then, too, when the meeting took place, there was no link to access the meeting.

21:11: Still no reply (and the page just moved down again, and the cursor went to the highlighted word “sabotage”, which could be and likely was a mere innocent hiccup). The emails from lady freethinker etc arrive in periods; sometimes there are none at all for a long time and then they suddenly start coming in again. They’re often about dogs.

20:39: Crap going on on my HDD and here (on this page). Time to reboot again. (yeah, had to flip the power switch on the wall again)

20:13: Believe it or not, in spite of all this interference, I am still managing to start earning a little bit of money again, after I had protested so loudly and vehemently against all the horrific abuse last year that really scared me to death because it was so immensely sadistic and very deliberate sabotage. I was terrified, utterly terrified. Staff at Asda have seen me look utterly petrified with fear at some point, after that particular sabotage began. What is going on in my life, what is being done to me, is so utterly utterly vile. (And just now, at 20:23, this page moved down again all by itself.)

19:46: Here we go again and no, there is nothing on the page that indicates that any changes are being carried out or whatever and yes, this is gmail, and this bit has no aura reading stuff in it, but as you can see, nothing particularly useful either and zero replies; these were e-mails I received today between 2.14 and 5.30pm). There was one earlier mail, received at 2:04 pm from Campaign Legal Center about a webinar tomorrow. I haven’t checked if I can actually sign up for this one; the topic is not of interest to me.

See immediately below for the explanation of the next two images.  Michael Ashley Stein is a disability advocate. A video of the event will likely be posted on YouTube later but that’s not the same as attending in real time, when you can ask questions and exchange links or other information.

17:09: Another online meeting, of which I have attended many before, for which there is no option on the page to sign up this time. A mere coincidence? An error on the side of the organizer in other words? New staff? Have contacted the organizer via two separate channels. No reply yet. I’ve corresponded with them via both channels before. (19:00: Still haven’t heard back from them, on either channel, which is out of character and the event is in an hour, so yep, my outgoing comms are getting fucked with again or the page has gotten messed with and I was once again looking at an adapted mirror of it – I know exactly how that might work as I’ve used httrack – and sounded like an idiot.) (I also keep getting e-mails to do with a Covid volunteering app that I can’t even install any longer, apart from the fact that 12 to 18 months have passed in the meantime. See one of the above images.)

16:46: Yep, had also ended up with another empty remote file again.

16:30ish: Definitely in my computer again, I noticed (and yes, sometimes I can tell for certain, just like I used to be able to tell when “they” were in the phone that I bought in 2009 when the thing would suddenly light up all by itself, which they couldn’t see and I kept quiet about), after I rebooted by flipping the power button because shit had started freezing again.

10:51: Yep, definitely bizarre local nonsense going on again in town (and now also on my computer again, methinks).

Yep, ordering my files by date suddenly has gone haywire (while my arrow keys are working normally again) and I am now getting ads for bariatric surgery in Turkey (on Finviz); this is starting to sound similar to what I got throughout 2010. (In case you don’t know this, several people have just died within this very specific surgery context.)

And when I searched for it to make sure it is indeed the same kind of surgery, I got this again, on my computer, in a browser window that is wider than my screen, and no, I don’t normally get this:

Look what posting the above resulted in next:

6:35: Yep.

Possibly including the old childish “let’s wake her up in the middle of the night” games being played in the flat immediately under mine? 🀣 Where the current tenant has done things like discard tissues in wall decorations around Christmas and open the door when I walk by and… never mind, it’s too childish for words. (Anyway, I am knackered today.) (This nonsense also seems to coincide with front doors being left open again, by the way. Coincidence? I’ve installed an alarm as the ground-floor neighbors weren’t happy with finding the door standing open either, but someone keeps switching it off. If the alarm is on, at least we are alerted to it when the damn door is left standing open again and we can go close it.)

  • As most of my incoming and outgoing emails are being captured and stopped and/or altered and/or redirected, and my STAT mails among many other things aren’t arriving any longer in my gmail, I signed up to STAT news with a different email address. The confirmation email arrived along with a second confirmation email for a legit book publishing service that I signed up for some time ago (Kobo). It was marked as already having been read but was dated the same day. If it’s some kind of cryptic “message” again, well, I am not getting it. I don’t speak the local vernacular.
  • What I still get on my Gmail address is 99.9 per cent junk on most days now. The remainder is mostly Amazon emails, XR emails, Veem mails and the like.
  • I also just received an invitation for a legit public health webinar that I don’t even have access to. Ha ha.
  • Some webpages have been asking me for my location again and the home page on this site have been forcing me to click “leave” again.
  • On this website, when I am writing a post or amending a page, the arrow keys often have been reprogrammed. The back arrow initially was taking me to the end of the word. Then this stopped for a while – it was working normally – after which instead of moving the cursor one space to the left it took me to the end of the paragraph.
  • The angle grinder ads (signaling that I am about to get my head cut off?) seem to have been replaced by car rental ads (and the tool bars and toolbox in one of my programs – one that has gotten messed with a lot for about a year – now constantly gets removed).
  • Prince’s most beautiful girl is popping up, too.

Right now, there is no interference. I can type normally – bliss – and my arrow keys are working normally too. Everything else is fine too at the moment.

In case anyone wonders why I’m not showing what I was looking at on Finviz (the screenshot with the ad box), that’s just because I don’t want to give anyone the wrong ideas. I happened to be looking at one particular insider trading event, out of sheer curiosity, because the size was HUGE and so was the amount of money involved. It concerns a stock I have zero interest in, but I wondered who the insider was. A director, a billionaire heir even, as it turns out, and he had a long series of sales of that particular share. No purchases. It may be someone who is about to retire; I didn’t look into it because it did not interest me. I like trying to spot patterns and increase my understanding, that’s all.

And yes, my life has really been a nightmare since I moved to Portsmouth. How on earth can you function in today’s world when someone keeps you in an electronic cage and controls and sabotages so many aspects of your life? I don’t even know who it is, who is doing this to me, although I do think it’s more than one person. Has to be but I often talk about “him” and “he”. I used to think I knew who it was, but that could be possible logistically, and then it started looking as if it was one other specific person, but the truth of the matter is that I have no clue because a hacker can literally be anyone and can pretend to be anyone else and there’ve certainly been lots of smoke and mirror games as well, so how the fuck would I know who the fuck is doing this to me.

Portsmouth being such a vicious place hasn’t exactly helped either. Folks like Vernon Jackson and various folks around me have in fact okayed my abuse by condoning it, by pretending that it isn’t happening, that I’m just a demented or learning-disabled old cow.

The level of blind hate in Portsmouth is horrific. I encountered some of it again, yesterday (and also something unpleasant again today, yes, from strangers who think they know me). It’s something you can always count on herein Portsmouth, that ugly hate. It always pops up again. The contempt. Sometimes, it’s the horrible, ice-cold, I’d-stab-you-in-the-heart-bitch-if-I could-Pompey-flavor contempt. It comes from people I know absolutely nothing about, let alone why they have so much contempt for me. It’s always around. Always. When you forget about it for a moment, there it suddenly is again, rearing its ugly head when you don’t expect it.

Portsmouth is an awful place. Brimming with blind contempt and discontent.

A thought: Could my hacker(s) see blocking my access to an online event as my “punishment” for having signed up for a tai chi session on Sunday and not having attended it? Then again, he has issues in the run-up to Easter and even more so in the run-up to Christmas. Well, he always has issues but in those periods, they are worse. More likely, his goal is to try to make me believe that some people are deliberately sending me incomplete information, “hiding” things from me and ignoring me or worse, have it in for me. (ha ha) Has previously done that with local folks, with scientists who I used to know etc etc, and also the opposite at times (e-mails that made no sense and would only have represented a waste of precious time for the folks in question if they had been genuine). It’s also possible that he genuinely does not understand why I do certain things and wants to control me as if I am like a three-year-old, but I doubt it.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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