7:39: monk parakeet, mum, poverty

It’s popped up before. (It popped up and then disappeared in a flash just now.)

You know what? The sun’s out and birds are singing. Plus, I am enjoying my morning coffee.

Cowardly grouchy Portsmouth can’t touch me either. I merely observe it and wonder how it all came about. It’s so weird.

That said, “monk parakeet, mum, poverty” comes from a toddler who is throwing his toys out of the pram, a recalcitrant teenager screaming insults or from someone who doesn’t have many emotions and is baffled by the emotions of others, therefore seeks to evoke them in order to study them.

Meanwhile, my brain’s ringing hasn’t stopped yet and has gotten louder again. So if you keep it up, chances are you will soon need a new guinea pig.

None of us get to create ourselves. We all just do the best with what we’ve got.

For the record, this hacker person (?) may see himself as a sea creature, a dolphin or a whale. Just in case this means anything to anyone out there.

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