8:55: Phone interference

About ten minutes ago, I discovered that Bluetooth had been switched on (without the symbol for it showing) and my phone had been put on vibrate, sound off. I noticed a symbol with three squiggly lines that I didn’t recognize, so I started exploring. (The symbol reminded me a little of the symbol for the Dutch police, btw.) I can’t switch it off because then apparently, I will not get sound notification either. I could and did switch bluetooth off.

That’s the old one, the phone that I use for wifi tethering these days because the two modern ones stopped doing internet access around Christmas.

I know that “bluetooth” has an urban slang meaning. I bet “vibrate” does too. A lot of the stuff that is done to me in Portsmouth later turns out to have had some urban slang meaning (usually for genitals or sex acts).

On the two phones that I had before the current four, I also often found bluetooth switched on.

I’ve also found the torch switched on as I was walking around town when the bluetooth had also been activated and the phone was in my pocket.

This is why I almost never have a phone on me.

This may be a good time to remind folks that there is someone out there who has a valid copy of my driving licence and several bank cards for me of which one or two will still look valid (expiry date in 2026). The driving licence can only be identified by its issue number but that is not printed on it…

I added and wrote this post on my computer, which is behaving normally right now.

09:44: I just tested; the vibration is loud enough to alert me, so I am going to leave things like this.

09:48: is this (login into something on my computer) a coincidence? Probably… (09:50: yes, looks like a mere coincidence)

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