I sent an e-mail to 11 addresses all over the world this morning, with a bcc to 5 more addresses (two of which are local), asking for help. The stupid English class system means that I have no access to anyone in England on my own and get dismissed as a lying migrant or a delusional old cow or because I am a woman.

I’ve had enough of the abuse. I want my life back. In England, with its bonkers class system, that means that I need to ask powerful people for help because individuals like me have zero power here and can be abused relentlessly without any fear of repercussion for the abusers.

My phone is no longer on vibrate but now very loud instead.

All but one of the phones that I have pawned to Cash Converters to survive in recent years and then retrieved again mysteriously stopped working for a short while after I retrieved them.

The URL in my Twitter bio has changed from a URL shortlink to the full URL this morning. That strikes me as odd because I can’t explain it from an IT view other than that someone has high-jacked my internet access again.

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