02:34am: my doorbell rang

Someone came upstairs after having rung my doorbell. That’s the 3rd time this week someone from that flat woke me up in the middle of the night. It’s the same person who was rummaging around last evening. Same voice.

04:30 night of 21 and 22 March

00:30 last night (night of 23 and 24 March)

02:34 tonight (night of 24 and 25 March)

03:04 the vibration symbol on my phone has disappeared again; see earlier post

There was also the Friday evening (7 February) when someone rang my doorbell at 10:00 pm for a long time and tried to break the front door down. That lasted for about half an hour, I reckon.

These are the folks who I had already given a set of extra keys because they kept ringing the doorbell as they didn’t have the money to have keys made for all the people who are using that flat. It helped only for about a week, but overall, it has kept the doorbell ringing down.

The veritable army of folks who go into the flat under mine and target me seem to be doing this when they know that the downstairs neighbors are away.

These are the folks who caused me to remove Christmas decorations and other wall decorations after they dumped a tissue in one of them.

These are also the folks who sometimes had a daytime visitor who rang the doorbell, then came upstairs, shouted a lot at whoever opened the door, then immediately left again and left the front door open. That particular visitor no longer seems to stop by.

These are also the folks that had a timid girl in the flat for a while who was on the receiving end of a lot of verbal abuse after which I told the guy to stop shouting at her. (There’s also sometimes a child’s voice in the flat. At the door too, sometimes.)

On 8 March, I received a strange email from a stranger, telling me that the person had been busy because the person’s mother had suddenly died. There was something really odd about that.

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