12:52: looks like my NatWest account is getting interfered with again

I just conducted a little test and exactly what I thought would happen just happened. I am actively being interfered with again. at least on my computer or internet connection. I just approved a payment in my NatWest app. It’s not going out, not arriving.

Why did I want to make that specific payment? Because I desperately want out of my sadistic slavery situation.

This sort of interference has happened a million times before in the past decade.

Example: I want to pay for my internet by bankcard and am being forced to go buy a top up voucher. When I anticipate and buy a top-up voucher in advance, I suddenly no longer have the option to top up by voucher but need to use my bankcard.

So… I didn’t actually fix the NatWest app this morning. The app I have is a fake, somehow. Doctored.

A few weeks ago, an outgoing payment also simply disappeared. Had to enter it a second time.

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