Ha ha (LinkedIn)

Looks like there’s been hacker activity in my LinkedIn account again, too. Dated 3 April.

To specify: I received a message from someone claiming to be part of LinkedIn, who asked me to participate in something to do with the European Central Bank and in something else, to do with conflict resolution, within the LinkedIn context of article creation. (There were links but I didn’t click on them.) I contacted LinkedIn and they said that they saw nothing wrong with the message I’d received and that I could block the user if I wanted to. The latter seems to confirm that this person was mostly definitely not a LinkedIn employee.

I stopped using LinkedIn two years ago or so.

I should have stopped using it after Jair Roxo, one of my oldest contacts on LinkedIn, someone I had actually worked with, which understandably must have seemed very unlikely to that hacker, had been replaced by a week-old contact with a very different face.

There’s been a heck of lot of nonsense in my LinkedIn account since.

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