Where “the internet” thinks I am when I give it access to my location

Next morning (10 April), 09:20: now I at Leysholme Crescent, Lower Wortley, in Leeds.

Question: A thought struck me… Do I need to interpret this as “Lee’s home”? (Lee is the name the person who’s been popping up in my life since 2008 and who seems to be based in Winchester Road in Portsmouth gave me when he first approached me openly digitally, which was by a text message in 2011.)

Do I need to read “Lower Wortley” as “lower worth Lee”? As he does seem to have some issues in that respect? Who is this person and why does nobody in Portsmouth know him? What is his story? (Besides that he’s a hacker.) I’d still like to know.

21:05: I remained in Bradford near Leeds. I just rebooted my phone and computer. Now I am in yet another park, but back in London. Arlington Square.

Update 18:10: am still in Bradford (see below). Whoever it is who was in that park in London did not want to be identified.

14:23: I’m not using a VPN. My network is supposed to be O2.

Let’s zoom in. I am in Grangewood Park, Croydon. (No, am at my desk in Portsmouth.)

Let’s go into Google now.

The park itself is not covered by Google Street View; in this location I am looking toward where I am supposed to be right now.

What am I supposed to be doing in the middle of a park in Croydon?

This is where Google, too, thinks I am, when I ask it for restaurants near me.

There often seem to be events in that park .Via Facebook, I discovered that it has its own website: https://grangewoodpark.co.uk/.

Grangewood Park is semi mature wood situated in a triangle between the residential roads of Wharncliffe, Grange and Ross Roads, London, SE25 6TW. It is a mix of formal and informal spaces.

I’ve e-mailed the park to ask about today’s events – because it looks like I am connected to the mobile of someone who is in the park right now, but there is nothing on the website about today’s events and… guess what… the e-mail I sent to the address listed on the park’s website as well as on its Facebook page returns the following error:

(16:34: no reply to that yet)

16:26: My computer suddenly seems to be much faster. Let’s check where I am now…

Now I am at… Newhall Park Primary School, 7 Newhall Road, Bradford, BD4 6AF, United Kingdom. Once again in the middle of a park.

But I seem to be walking south?

16:35: Still in Bradford

This location does not show as a green space on all map; here it’s white.

Ah. It’s meadows. And a football field. Any of those horses must have been beamed over from London just now and has a mobile phone attached to its manes. Yeah, right.

Okay, so the instant reply that I just got on Facebook is very likely fake? I’ve also been getting some Green Party e-mails yesterday and today of which I am not entirely sure that they’re genuine, but I have to assume that they are and it does not matter anyway in this case.

From the school’s website.

17:05: am still in Bradford near Leeds. (Am not, am at my desk in Portsmouth, not using a VPN.)

But on the tethered phone that is on the exact same internet connection as my computer, I am indeed in Portsmouth. That is the phone that sometimes shows a time difference with my computer and that seems to indicate that my computer’s connection has been hi-jacked and is on a different network. (This has been the case for over a decade.)

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